Beauty: How I get my hair to grow faster

I get asked a lot about what I do to look after my hair. I am lucky that my hair grows very quickly. Since I had it cut a couple of months ago it’s already grown about 3 inches. I found that it generally does grow faster in the summer and warmer months than it would in the winter – I don’t know if that is true for everybody but it seems to be something I’ve noticed that my own hair. These are listed below in no particular order.


I don’t really have a fixed routine for my hair care air but there are a few things that I do which may be be helpful to you. One of the things that I do is take a hair vitamin supplement gummy which is linked below. I only started taking these about a few month ago and I don’t take it everyday. The recommended dosage on the bottle is two gummies per day but I take one every few days because I also take other vitamins. They have a delicious blueberry flavour and contain Selenium which is great for healthy hair and nails.

Boots vitamin gummies £9.99 for 60 gummies

Natural ingredients

I avoid using very harsh chemicals on my hair for example recently I’ve tried to use shampoo from Lush – their products contain all natural ingredients instead of of harsh chemicals. The one that I use contains Argan oil which means that I don’t need separately condition my hair because it comes up feeling soft and silky after just watching it with this shampoo. This is a bar shampoo (like a bar of soap) so it is also perfect for taking on travels because it doesn’t take up the liquid allowance on the hand luggage for a weekend away meaning you can take more of other liquids e.g. perfume and foundation, etc. It is a cruelty free product, and smells amazing because of the rose absolute. It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny and promotes healthy hair growth.


I occasionally use different oils in my hair. There are some really good ones that I recommend. My favourites to use in my hair are coconut oil which makes it super silky, castor oil which makes hair thicker, and mustard oil which is what my gran used to use all the time and her hair was amazing. Gooseberry oil is also great but can make your hair darker. It was fine to use when I had my natural black-brown hair but now I have a caramel balayage I don’t want that to pick up the pigment from the oil.
When using oil in hair, all you have to do is apply at fairly liberally about 30 minutes before you take a shower and then when you wash it just shampoo twice instead of once. I always shampoo twice anyway so it doesn’t make a difference to me.


I avoid excessively brushing my hair. When it is wet I use a wide wide toothed comb after applying a small amount of heat protective serum or leave-in conditioner. I use a wide barrel brush for blow drying which is linked below. I use the wet and dry tangle teezer brush to brush it while styling and then I don’t brush through the day because that would cause it to break. I have a large natural bristled round brush in case I need to brush it again, e.g. coming home from a very windy day outside, or brushing it the following morning.

Water temperature

I take warm-water showers. Hot water is bad for the skin, and my skin is super sensitive. It can also lead to dandruff in the scalp. Cold water is great for your hair and skin but I cannot shower in cold water as it would feel rather like a punishment! I get around this by having my entire shower with warm water, and then at the end, rinsing just my hair with super cold water. This makes the hair more shiny and gives the appearance of healthier hair.

Heat styling

If you want to have long silky hair, you cannot heat style everyday. Even with heat protective serums, your hair still gets damaged. I wash my hair every other day. Most of the time when I wash it, I let it air dry for as long as possible so it needs less time blowdrying. After this I use my GHD straightener, and then don’t heat style again until the next hair wash. On days off, e.g. weekends if I have no plans to go out, or during the summer holidays if there are days with nothing major planned, I wash it and leave it to dry naturally and don’t heat style at all. Get creative with hair styles that require no heat e.g. french plait, dutch braids, top-knot, messy bun, neat low bun, so many options! If you have long hair that is damaged, cut it off and take better care of it!

I would love to know what you already do and what tips you have to share for hair care!

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