Lifestyle: Calm App Review

At the moment I am going through the process of house hunting which is a well established stress factor. With this in mind, I wanted to get ahead of my stresses instead of trying to deal with the fallout after I have a nervous breakdown! I have had issues with anxiety for many years and have previously suffered from depression. I like to be proactive and have found out over the years what things are more likely to affect me more than others. Finding a house and the pressure (that I put on my self) to choose the right location, house, etc. is definitely something that has already started to cause me anxiety and something I want to control.

So, with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I have a free trial of the Calm app. Here are my thoughts…

Calm app
  1. I have tried mindful meditation before, I didn’t keep up with it, so I felt no long term benefit. This will only be successful with long term usage and creating a daily routine
  2. The app has amazing guided exercises. This is my first experience of using an app with guided meditation. Previously, I have used books and my own research to guide my own thoughts which was more difficult. Using this app has made the process easier.
  3. There are other apps out there which do similar things, find out which works best for you by using free trials. I tried Headspace and did not enjoy it as much as using Calm.
  4. It has a 21 day program for general wellbeing, which I am less likely to stick with, but it also has many individual sessions which are ideal for when you need a bit of focused help. I like the sleep program which is 1 week long. There’s something for everyone.
  5. It is aesthetically pleasing. The developers have clearly thought about the sounds and every aspect of the user interface to create a calming experience overall.

When my free trial is over, I will definitely be renewing and paying for a subscription. My mental health is far too important to me to put a price on, and I think paying approximately £50 annually is well worth it, especially as I can easily spend that on a single meal at a restaurant.

Have you tried any form of meditation? What has/hasn’t worked for you?

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