Lifestyle: Ten Tips for Being Healthier at Work

Making the transition from being a classroom teacher to having an office desk where I spend most of the week had me thinking about how I can boost my health whilst at work – especially as I am spending increasingly more time sitting down.

Here are some ways I am trying to cheat in some exercises during the work day:

1. Take the stairs not the lift. This gives me a surprisingly huge number of steps in the day!

2. Use the printer/photocopier that is furthest away from the office desk. I have a copier in my office – thankfully it does not staple or whole punch. I try to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary, and I walk up to the second floor to use the copier.

3. Use a smaller water bottle that needs to be re-filled more often. This means I have to walk to the water cooler more often. I also make sure I use the water cooler in the basement instead of on the ground floor. I see people using the huge 3L bottles but I prefer the 750mL Chilly’s bottles.

This is the Chilly’s bottle I have. Absolutely love it!

4. Keep fruit and other healthy snacks at the desk, so I can snack on fruit during the day instead of buying unhealthy snacks from the cafe.

An apple a day…

5. Keep a stash of herbal/fruit teabags in the office. This stops me from buying chai lattes and mochas. It also means that I have less reason to visit the cafe so I don’t see all the (yummy) pastries/cakes/muffins etc. Plus it has the added benefit of being cheaper.

6. Get up and walk around once per hour, even if it is just for two minutes. When I need to get up and walk around, I try to make sure I leave the office and get some time away from the screen.

7. Get some fresh air in the lunch break. I try to make sure I leave the building to get some fresh air. I only do this when it is not raining, so there is room for improvement.

8. Drink more water. I used to think I was hungry all the time, but it turns out that often it was because of dehydration. Before lunch, I try to drink a litre of water.

9. Eat a healthy lunch. I try to make sure that my lunch plate is half filled with salad and I avoid things that have been deep fried, and avoid bread if possible. This is also partially because I read a few years ago that having bread and meat (e.g. in a sandwich) makes you sleepy which does not help at work!

Yum! I like to vary the salad and have some hot food on the plate at the same time and I don’t eat salad every day otherwise I would get bored and eat junk food!

10. Talk in person instead of sending everything via email. This means I need to seek out people in different locations instead of sitting at my desk. It also means I get a bit more time away from my screen.

I’ll be 30 in August so I’m keen to get fit, not just to get summer ready but to feel good about myself. Some of these are specifically applicable to my workplace of course, but there’s some tips that can apply to anyone! Which of these tips do you use, and what other tips do you use?

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