Fashion: Ralph Lauren Polo Quilted Jacket

It feels so great to purchase something that is by a brand that you love and have grown up with (and probably relate to even more because of Rachael from Friends!) and it not be so expensive that it cripples your bank account. That is why I love Ralph Lauren. Anything that I have every bought from them has lasted so well and I still have things I purchased almost ten years ago (apart from the stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore – that I had to donate to charity), and it has really stood the test of time.

Recently, I purchased this gorgeous Ralph Lauren Polo jacket. One thing I especially consider if I’m purchasing designer clothing is whether or not I have anything of a similar style already in my closet – and if I do, then how old is it? how well does it fit? how much did it cost?

Luckily I was able to toss up the cost to value on this purchase (haha I have been reading about house purchasing and mortgages and about loan-to-value). I felt that spending approximately £200 on a jacket that I fully intend to wear all the time for several years by a brand I love is sooo worth it. Plus, I absolutely loved the crest design on the front.

It is lightly quilted and is not too warm or cold. I have styled it here for a cloudy day with little chance of rain! It doesn’t have a hood – and it rains a lot in the UK but not so much in Cambridge so I took my chances.

Ralph Lauren Polo 1
Good Morning!
Ralph Lauren Polo 2

I picked out the brown piping from the jacket and paired it with a copper coloured roll neck top from Next. I kept the hair and makeup simple – mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to do a full face of makeup, so just went to a quick touch up with powdered foundation and blusher and made sure my lips, mascara and eyebrows were done! I know that sounds like a full face of makeup – I mean that I didn’t want to layer it with liquids underneath!

From the side you can just about see that the sides are elasticated – which means that if I do put on weight (which I am determined not to) then I have a bit of wiggle room. Alternatively, I can wear a jumper underneath it in the winter to stay warm and cuddly!

I paired it with these trousers from Zara and buckled shoes with a cutaway detail from Clarks. I love how comfy these shoes are – okay they’re a bit scuffed but for me, that adds to the overall look. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Here are a few options of quilted jackets that I really love (not my images)

Barbour Jacket from Next £100
Ralph Lauren Polo Quilted Barn Jacket in Expedition Olive £249
H&M quilted Jacket – on sale was £34.99 now £20

I hope you enjoyed the post! Would love to hear your thoughts of how you would style this differently.

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