Beauty: Amazon Find Mascara and Eyeliner Review

I’m very fussy when it comes to choosing which eyeliner and which mascara to use and then when I do find a product that I really enjoy using, I use it for many many many months and keep purchasing the same product. When I saw that Amazon were launching their own makeup range as part of the Amazon Find collection, I was very excited because I know that Amazon would put a lot of effort into creating good quality products.

I’ve purchased the eyeliner and mascara kits in blue, brown, and black so on the website, and they cost me £9.62 for each kit. I got them on 27th April so have had a few weeks to try them out. The images below are not my own – I’ve used the images from the amazon listing, see links below:

01 Dark Night – Black Volumising Mascara + Black Eye Pencil with Sharpener

02 Deep Secret – Brown Volumising Mascara + Brown Eye Pencil with Sharpener

03 Flash Blue – Blue Volumising Mascara + Blue Eye Pencil with Sharpener

With the current makeup trend of emulating 90s makeup with a modern feel, I was very excited to see that Amazon has launched a blue mascara with a matching blue eyeliner. This said, the blue set usually sells out – although amazon are great at restocking quickly.

The blue is a cobalt blue shade, so striking!

The pencils are super easy to use. I love that the product is very soft and creamy and blendable because it means less strain on my eyelid when applied, to give fewer wrinkles in the future. They come with a little removable sharpener at the end of the pencil: a built-in sharpener which is nice and discreetly tucked away, and you can just take it out when you need it. I also love the fact that it’s a retractable pencil because that means that the pencil doesn’t get smashed on the inside of the lid.

I’ve used the brown colour the most because it’s the first time I have found a really beautiful Brown shade that really compliments my skin tone and works well with and without eyeshadow. I like the combination of brown eyeliner and brown mascara especially for the spring transition into Summer.

Ralph Lauren Polo 1
Brown mascara and eye liner
Winged liner using the black pencil

The mascara is good quality. It doesn’t run or crumble and that’s super important especially during the summer because you don’t want sweat or misting sprays to make the mascara run. It’s not waterproof which I prefer because that means when you’re washing your face at the end of the night then the product doesn’t cling on your eyelashes and cause damage.

With the black mascara and using the eyeliner on the waterline.

The head of the mascara is quite big and it’s bigger than what I’ve been used to because recently I had been using the L’Oreal telescopic lash mascara which has a very very thin wand instead of a full brush. Because of this I’m finding that my application at the moment is sometimes messy which is fine if you’re not wearing any eyeshadow but if you are wearing eyeshadow then just be extra careful if you’re not used to using a big head on a mascara.

I would definitely recommend this product especially at the price point. It’s a lot cheaper than some of the other mascaras out there and the fact that you get the eyeliner included in that price, and it’s a matching set, really appeals to me.

Brown mascara with brown eyeliner to create winged liner

I would definitely buy this product again and I love the fact that I have all three shades because I can use them for any look.

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