Fashion: Black and White Work Wear

I work at a secondary school as a science teacher so I’m so wary of wearing white, especially as I’ve had so many of my favourite clothes destroyed over the years. Little things, like a spot of acid on a black sleeve, or the residue from the board pens ending up on your shirt front from the white board eraser, or getting some universal indicator onto your beige chinos despite wearing a lab coat to prevent exactly that from happening!

This said, I do love the colour white because it can look so effortlessly chic. When I saw this white top from Next, I had planned to never wear it at work but when it was delivered, I couldn’t help myself! I just had to wear it… I saw it hung up in my closet for a few days, and everyday I would take it out and then make myself put it back so I could wear it out doing something fun and social instead of wearing new clothes for work. Eventually I caved in (as I knew I would). There’s something so satisfying about wearing new clothes, isn’t there?!

Spring inspired black and white workwear
Spring inspired black and white workwear – this picture does not do justice to these DKNY shoes

The top is so comfortable, and versatile and could easily be paired with jeans for a more casual look. I paired the white top with some plain black trousers from New Look which made it more work appropriate. About a month ago these trousers did not fit me, so I was especially pleased to be able to wear them!

This black Louenhide handbag has to be one of my favourite purchases of this year so far. I got it from TK Maxx for £30. I was instantly drawn to the handle because it isn’t like any of the bags I already own – and you can just about see the striped lining which is so gorgeous.

Louenhide bag front
Louenhide bag front
Louenhide bag back
Louenhide bag back

I’ve worn this handbag a few times and I always get compliments. I love also that it is a black and silver combination which can sometimes be a tad difficult to find – I have a few that are black and gold.

White Spring Top Next
White Spring Top

As the sleeves are so busy, I wanted to attract attention to the sleeves, not away, so I decided not to wear a necklace, and only wore some small stud earrings. I kept the silver theme going by wearing a Pandora princess ring and my Pandora charm bracelet, and a few other simple rings.

I decided to keep my makeup simple, so I wore no eye shadow and only used powder foundation (Nars soft velvet loose powder in the colour ‘Beach’) to give my skin a more polished look. I wore a neutral pink lipstick (Mac Amplified Lipstick in the shade ‘Fast Play’) which is one of my all time favourites, and brown mascara and eyeliner. I topped this off with a Pixi blusher and the Nars ‘Albatross’ highlighter which has a silvery-golden shine to it so I feel like I can get away with using it for any look. My hair is in a simple low pony tail with a centre parting to keep the overall look neat and professional.

I loved putting this look together! This time of the year can be a bit tricky to dress for because you never know if it’s going to be raining or sunny but this worked well for a warm yet cloudy day.

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