Fashion: Plum Dress and Black Blazer Work Wear

Okay so the weather outside was completely miserable and rainy so I was in no mood to wear bright colours. It’s always fairly warm at work so I never need to wrap up too warm, but I love this knitted dress from New Look. I love work wear that is super comfortable but still looks professional. I also love symmetrical clothes, so I appreciated the vertical line through the centre of the dress. I looks like white but is actually cream coloured.

Plum dress Black blazer
Plum dress and black blazer

I paired it with my plum coloured shoes from Clarks which are super comfy – you can barely see them in the shot, but here I am in my office, awkwardly posing. I wore a pearl necklace that I had been given for Christmas (or was it my birthday..?) to match the lines in the dress. I don’t know how true it is that pearls lose their lustre if they aren’t worn but I don’t wear mine very often as I always feel so dressed up if I wear pearls. To counteract this, I put my hair up in a messy half bun, and folded over one of the sleeves on this black Zara blazer.

It turns out that I need not have bothered to tone down the look. At around 4.30pm (about an hour before I finished), my tights got snagged. The tights were also from New Look, and I was disappointed with the quality of them to begin with. Anyway, I had a ladder all along my left leg so had to change out of my dress. I don’t feel comfortable showing my legs to others, especially when it is cold and rainy, and especially at work.

Luckily, I keep a gym outfit in my office in case I decide to go to the gym straight from work, so I changed into my all-black leggings and long sleeved top, then slipped the blazer back on. It wasn’t ideal but okay as a back up. Especially frustrating as a I had a work social event to attend immediately after work, so I went from feeling super confident and professional to incredibly casual. I wish I could wear my gym clothes everyday though, how comfortable would that be?!

I went for a snow-globe eyeshadow look with not too much colour on the cheeks. I was tempted to wear plum lipstick but felt it would be a bit too matchy with the dress and the shoes, and probably would have felt more like an evening look, especially with the pearls. These shots of my makeup were taken at the very end of the day. I have started to use only one pump of my NARS radiant longwear foundation (in the shade Punjab) and I have found that it is not separating or creasing on my skin at all. When I was trying to build up and use more foundation, I looked ragged by the end of the day which was so frustrating. This was me thirteen hours after I had done my makeup (the photos are unedited), and I still looked fresh so using less foundation did the trick here. I never ever touch up my foundation at work so I prefer a long lasting finish.

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