Lifestyle: Fabletics Leggings Review

So I kept seeing on my Instagram (@amnablake) the offer for getting two pairs of leggings from Fabletics for £24 which I thought must be too good to be true. I thought there must be a catch… and there was…

…kind of.

So I read into the offer, and basically you have to sign up to be a VIP member which costs £44 per month. The money is charged to your account but then you use that to spend online to order new items, so technically you pay for the stuff you buy, and nothing else. For me personally, £44 per month is a lot to spend on clothes for the gym because I don’t go regularly enough to justify the cost. Also, I can see the benefit of someone who is losing weight needing to constantly buy new outfits, but like I said, at the moment I don’t go often enough, so I am not seeing the same sort of results. Work in progress!

Almost everything I have for the gym is black. Mainly that is because of body image issues, and not wanting to stand out too much when I am at the gym. I don’t really want people to notice me at the gym, and I know that people are just doing their own thing and no one cares but I guess I’m too self conscious, and I’m trying to work past that because I do actually enjoy going to the gym.

This pair of leggings would have cost £72 on the site if I had purchased full price so £12 was an unbelievably low price to pay. From the moment I took them out of the packaging, I could tell the quality was excellent. I like that they are high waisted and I love the pocket detail on the side which was why I chose them. I branched out ever so slightly from wearing all-black-everything, to wearing a few shades of grey.

Not sure exactly how to describe this colour – purple / mauve / heather / grey-ish. I like these being slightly shorter and basically the same style but a solid colour. These would have cost £54. Again, quality is amazing and they are super comfortable.

So anyway, I was able to take advantage of the offer by joining as a VIP member. I placed my order of two for £24 leggings, and then a few days later I called their customer service number and cancelled my membership before I was charged the £44 for the monthly subscription fee. The person on the phone was very helpful and when I explained that I had just wanted to use the offer, he was very understanding and polite and friendly.

At the moment I don’t know if I would re-engage that subscription, but I am pleased with the pairs that I got. It does make me not want to wear the others, and just alternate between these two pairs! At 2 for £24, I would recommend!

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